Adobe Target

Develop and Deliver personalized experiences

Implement Target on Client-Side Applications, Server-Side Applications, Mobile Apps, IoT and more. Export your Target data to third-party solutions.

Learn How

Implement Adobe Target

Single-Page Apps

Use at.js, our new js library, for both typical web implementations and single-page applications.

Server-Side Apps

Use the Server-Side Delivery API anywhere or our new node.js SDK

Mobile Apps

Use the Adobe Experience Cloud native SDKs for iOS and Android

APIs and Services

Admin APIs

Programatically Create, Read, Update and Delete Activities, Audiences and Offers

Reporting APIs

Use the reporting API to export activity results and other reports out of Target.

Profile APIs

Retreive and and update your user profiles stored in Target individually, or in batch.

Available Now - Node.js SDK

Easy Server-Side Testing

Use the node.js SDK to easily implement and run server-side tests on your node.js applications

Install from npm

Easily install the node sdk from npm - npm install @adobe/target-node-client

Visitor ID Service

The VisitorID service is enabled in the node SDK to connect all your Adobe data

Analytics 4 Target

Use Adobe Analytics as your reporting source

Integrate your node applications with Target Get SDK on NPM